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WRT 102
28 September 2015
Great photographs discuss obesity problems
In generally, people always mistakenly define obese problems as “fat” or “fat people”. However, obesity is a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. The number of obese people is increasing every year, and the U.S is the country that has the most adult obese people in the world. (Stateofobesity)  Obesity appears among adults, seniors and even children and the physical effects have been captured in various photographs by those who are interested in combatting this problem. Figure 1 [Obesity is suicide] clearly shows the crucial relationship between obesity and health.  On the other hand, Figure 2 [Los intocables] concentrates more on childhood obesity problems, while Figure 3 [Boy with McDonald’s] illustrates the consequences of eating fast food. These three visuals illustrate the power of obesity problem and warn people to consider it seriously.
Brandon Knowlden’s picture titled Obesity is Suicide shows a man is being hanged on his neck with a sausage rope (Fig. 1).   This picture was taken in 2011 as an advertisement for Northern Bariatric Surgery Institutes in Pennsylvania, and it has contributed in warning about the dangers of obesity and has put more emphasis to the obese people to take further measures like doing exercise to ensure they stay in good health. Rather than stating numerous written information, Knowlde…

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