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economy benefit of immigration

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BIBLIOGRAPHY James, L., & Jeanne, A. (2006). Immigration in America Today. New York: Sage Publications.
The author of this book aimed at showing how the immigrants can be of help to America. It helps in showing that the immigrants contribute a lot in the economic development of the country since they help in providing labor. It shows some of the contributions made by the immigrants. It is useful in the student’s development since they get to know of the importance of the immigrants CITATION Jam061 l 1033 (James & Jeanne, 2006).
CHISATO, Y. (2013). Immigrant Families and Workers. Oxford : Oxford Press.
The book shows that there are legal immigrants and illegal immigrants as well. The illegal immigrants also contribute in developing the economy of the country. The skilled immigrants help a lot since they work thus they contribute in generating revenue. The book is of help to students since they get to know of the benefits that are brought about by immigration CITATION CHI13 l 1033 (CHISATO, 2013).
Marcelo, S. (2012). The New Immigration. Chicago: Sage Publications.
The book shows how many of the immigrants have become self-employed. It explains why many immigrants choose to be self-employed rather than being employed. That shows that the immigrants are providing employment to the citizens. The book is important to the development of a student since it helps them realize how the immigrants help th…

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