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Economics Application Essay

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Economics Application Essay

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Economics Personal Statement
My interest in economics stems from my enthusiasm for the game of badminton. I have always been passionate about this sport and thus the exposure to the numerous economic matters that are involved in the game. As a badminton player, my desire has been to have an in-depth comprehension of how the game works and the interlinking with economics. The economics subject intrigues me because of the ability to use its concepts to predict the future and its immediate relevance. In particular, I want to undertake an economics course so that I can utilize the knowledge and skills to eliminate or minimize the economic challenges that the sport faces.
The badminton sport involves a lot of economic matters that affect the game and its growth. One case is the badminton match-throwing that occurs when players aim to lose in their particular groups. The incentive that losing a game will give them an opportunity to play the next round with a weaker team encourages them. However, the practice has some economic implications as the teams plays for long periods each trying not to win which is an added cost. The organizers spend lots of money in preparing for the games and spectators also pay to watch. The understanding of these concepts is thus one of my interests in pursuing economics.
Additionally, economics was part of the reason that I did not get a chance to participate in the Senior National Badminton Team in 2008. The financial crisis that was witnessed in the year significantly affected the badminton sport. I was seventeen years old then, and I had the chance to be selected as part of the senior national team since I had played for the national badminton team since I was ten years old. Unfortunately, the economic challenges became a barrier to this dream. The collapse of several financial markets globally led to an economic recession that considerably affected the western countries. As a result, the government had to cut down on the number of persons in the senior team. The experience gave me the drive to want to understand the aspects of economics and how the financial markets operate.
Additionally, badminton has also taught me the theory of demand and supply. After I had lost the opportunity to be part of the senior national team, I started teaching badminton. The demand for my services was dependent on what other coaches were offering and the cost. Also, the more suppliers of coaching services led to the decrease in the number of people that required my guidance. In economics, the law of demand and supply is one of the fundamental principles that defines businesses. For this reason, I have the desire to know more concerning the subject to enhance my knowledge and skills.
Moreover, through being a badminton player, I have gained some invaluable skills and developed an excellent character that I believe is essential in economics. As a young individual, I used to hate the badminton sport because I considered it like any other game. However, as I grew up and got involved more in the sport and particularly participating in the national team gave me a different understanding. I began to understand that economics is a significant part of the sport. As a result, the interest in the subject developed, and I would usually utilize my spare time researching on the economic elements in the game and how it affected its operations.
Also, through the various experiences as a badminton player I have nurtured courage. As part of the national team at a young age, I had to compete with players of varying ages from different countries. I learned to be courageous to counter the challenge and do my best in spite of my age. There were many difficulties along the way, but I trusted that despite the limitations, success was possible if I concentrated on the positive aspects. Additionally, the responsibility of representing a nation was a significant one and being courageous kept me focusing on achieving my best.
The courage I developed while playing badminton has helped me leap out of my comfort zone and want to undertake a course in economics. Initially, I always believed that I can only succeed as a badminton player, but over time I have understood that other opportunities await me if only I have the zeal to follow my dreams. I have learned that I can contribute to the badminton sport through comprehending its economic issues and being a problem-solver in the sector. Also, the economics knowledge and skills would be significant in my practice as a badminton coach.
I am assured that the challenges that the course and university life will present will not deter me from the goal of grasping in-depth knowledge and skills in economics. The courage and focus I have developed being a badminton player will help me overcome the obstacles. Additionally, any future problems that may come into my field will not limit my success. I believe that courage is an essential tool that makes one face and conquer challenges. The area of economics presents many unique problems that would require one with the zeal to realize goals no matter the many obstacles. Also, being courageous enough to get out my comfort area sets me towards undertaking challenging situations and discovering new ideas.
The numerous experiences as a badminton player and a coach have given me some foundational knowledge concerning economics. I trust that the above and my passion to understand the economic principles, make me a suitable candidate for the course. People can only be game changers when they know what they want in life, and thus I am sure that the knowledge and skills that I will gain will be beneficial to many.
I aspire to understand economics to help me generate solutions to the economic issues in the badminton sport and other areas of the society. The course will be instrumental in assisting me search for ways that can be used to reduce or eliminate economic issues in badminton. I want to ensure that the dreams of other young people are not destroyed by being an innovative element in the field using the economics principles.
I am applying to undertake an economics course in your University. I choose to pursue the subject in this institution because of the outstanding economists that have gone through the system. I believe that being part of the university will steer me towards achieving my dream. The knowledge and skills that I will attain will be critical to advancing the field of economics and helping minimize or eliminate challenges of economics in the badminton sport. I will utilize the opportunity effectively to ensure that I gain as much expertise in the subject. Thank you for the consideration.


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