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Category: Thesis Proposal

Subcategory: Economics

Level: University

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Cornell Notes
Lecture, reading/chapter/novel/article during class, power point, movies (if need to collect info.)
Topic:_Payment Schemes for a two-level consignment stock supply chain system
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Questions/Main Ideas: Name: _ ___________
Date: ____
1.Dual sourcing supply chains In the dual sourcing supply chains, local suppliers act as an emergency source when a random demand is realized.
Dual sourcing flexibility is likely to reduce optimal price when the cost of emergency supply is low (Serel, 2015).
2. Single period (newsvendor) dual sourcing Single period newsvendor has a problem of backordering excess demand.
When the inventory on hand is less that the realized demand, there is a likelihood of backordering more that the demand (Serel, 2015).
3. Backordered demand Mostly, emergency production and shipment is required to deliver backordered demand.
Emergency order helps to offset outstanding shortages when a demand is observed
It requires short time delivery, has a higher procurement cost per unit, and a higher transporting cost.
4.Make-to-stock mode Production is made before demand realization
Has a risk of costs of inventory leftover (Serel, 2015).
5. Mode-to-order mode Production is made after demand has been observed
Has the risk of increased costs of idle capacity
6. Advantage of the dual sourcing strategy Combines the onshore quick response production with offshore …

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