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Early Civilizations Matrix Chart

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Early Civilizations Matrix Chart

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Early Civilizations Matrix

The trade also depended on the Hellenistic city that served as an economic center for grain production.
International trade also existed as they traded as far as sub-Saharan Africa and Arabia.
Used caravan trade to transport essential commodities (Leidy, 2008).Influenced writing and printing technology in the 13th Century BC.
They helped in the spreading and usage of the technology that increased literacy and economic developments (Sraman, 2014).Reflects that critical aspects of Buddhism.
Also, has different representations of religious sculptures, images and symbols among othersTheir music had a close association with earthly desiresDeveloped in the Indian region in the 3rd Century BCE.
Corresponds to religious monumentsInvolves explanation of delivered teachings.
Explicates dharmas reality as well as describing the reification of conceptsInfluenced by vernaculars.
The literary texts were written in Sanskrit, and they had their teachersEarly Middle AgesInvolved feudalism where political power was exercised by the locals rather than the centralized states.The economy was centered around agriculture based on feudalismCreated the Stationary harbor cranes. Had the first excavation of tidal mill from the 787 AD, Invented the heavy plough used in agriculture.Restricted to pietistic paintings such as religious art. No portrait paintings and has illuminated manuscripts.Sacred music was prevalent. Polyphonic music and secular music also develo…

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