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dropping sinking age to 18 for military

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dropping sinking age to 18 for military

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Dropping Drinking Age to 18 for Military
Drinking age is the right age when one is expected to start drinking. This age is put in place by the law that governs every citizen in a nation. In most cases the military drinking age is 21yrs like in the United States of America (U.S.A). The legal drinking age for the military should be dropped to 18. The law has various issues concerning when and where alcohol can be consumed. There is a minimum age for consumption and purchase of alcohol. These laws govern how the military go about drinking. One is requited into the military at a minimum age of 18 years but is viewed to be young or unable to handle alcohol. One has to wait until the age of 21 to start taking alcohol in the military camp. This law is viewed wrong or non-applicable in the military. The military drinking age should be dropped because of various factors like the belief in maturity of a person requited in military at an age of 18.
In the past those in active duty were free to consume alcohol especially in the military regardless of the legal drinking age. This scenario occurred in many nations especially U.S.A. The military was then free to take alcohol at an age of 18. These because they were always on the check by commanders assigned hence there could be no harm or irregularity faced from there alcohol consumption. This event mainly occurred when there was celebration by the military units like a party to celebrate the military’s victory in a battle. In these celebrations every military member is free to drink irrespective of their age.
The fact that one joins military at 18 is an important point to consider. In that one is free to be in an active duty and one can vote, smoke and fight for their country, but they cannot legally consume alcohol (Callaghan et al 74). This is out of sense to many intelligent minds. All activities one is allowed based on the fact that he or she is in active duty are just enough to justify one’s capability, maturity and readiness to take care. The military should be free to drink at a bar or restaurant by showing his or her military identification.
Dropping the drinking age for military will improve the economy of nations. More people are now able to drink in a bar legally. Revenues increase for private business as well as government in form of tax collection. There are many enjoyable activities provided by the law at an age of 18. Taking alcohol is enjoyable and so it as well as to be allowed at the age of 18 when other pleasurable activities are legally taking place. This can boost the military morale in performing their job. A study conducted proved that dropping the drinking age of military would not negatively affect their discipline and conduct (Khazem et al. 32). The military safety is emphasized since lowering consumption to 18 will decrease unsafe drinking like drinking in unsupervised places like house parties where they may be exposed to binge drinking. This protects the military reputations as one of the major structures in a nation.
Various law makers have different arguments based on lowering the military drinking age. These arguments include the fact that one can risk his or her life to go the battle field, conquer, and become victorious and alive. This enough to make such a person free to consume alcohol. They should be allowed to have a drink at a bar or restaurant even if not allowed to go with. When people are allowed to drink at a younger age, the behavior of excessive drinking at 21 with an aim to compensate for the time lost is reduced. There are many people who started consuming alcohol at a tender age. At 21 they either sopped taking alcohol or going to the bars (Hingson and Aaron 20).
Soldiers who serve their country well deserve motivation and care. The military needs are to be solved. Soldiers drinking age is the main factor to be considered. Legislation conducted provides the military with quality life. Most soldiers at war zones can access alcohol despite their age. Most of the soldiers dying in the battle field are those younger than 21. It is wrong for them to die before enjoying or feeling the pleasure in drinking. Little privileges that are not allowed result into more serious and complicated situation. They do not matter until one is involved and truly feel’s it. Our armed forces deserve these privileges. Lowering the consumption age of alcohol being a major privilege is to be considered.
In U.S.A a New Hampshire lawmakers suggested the idea of lowering the drinking age of the military. This was to award the military members the respect they deserve in their field of operation. It was unbelievable that people are able and free to make life and death decisions in the field of duty but are not able to drink. The concept of lowering the military drinking age is supported by the fact that the 21 age in place has not helped to stop teen drinking. It has instead encouraged the younger persons to drink at private and less controlled environment leading to more health and life threatening conditions (Trautmann et al 45).
Contrary Ideas
There are many reasons as two why the minimum drinking age of 21 was placed. In U.S.A the main reasons were to maintain the level of funds generated from the federal highways. Age of 21 was the adult age. The concept here was to develop a culture of a having a specific bar age. The need to eliminate drunken driving.18 years old people were viewed younger and less mature. This initiative was found to be lifesaving as the fatalities resulting from drunk driving reduced. The minimum legal drinking age is not lowered to 18 because of the belief that the younger people cannot handle alcohol and that it is more harmful to them and can kill them.
Dropping the drinking age to 18 for military is medically irresponsible. Longer consumption of alcohol results into health and mental challenges (DeWit et al 98). Alcohol consumption affects the development of young adult’s brain’s frontal lobes, emotional regulation and planning (Wu et al, 56). These reduce decision-making ability hence a negative effect to the military troops. In many countries most vital rights are awarded at age of 21 and above. A person can only adopt a child and gamble at a casino at the age of 21. Even run for the presidency at an age of 35 and above. It normalizes drinking as something always done responsibly. It will prove no crime or offense in getting a drunk. This will make younger ordinary citizens to view no taboo in taking alcohol.
The law applies to everyone in a nation. Anything viewed unsuitable to the general public and were stated in the law must have general implication to all citizens irrespective of one’s job. If the majority of the citizens are in support of drinking at 21 years, everyone must abide by that. The public interest is considered, in that there would be an increase in highway crashes if the minimum legal drinking age is lowered to 18. This affects the military drinking age. The military discipline is much improved with the drinking age at 21 as people are susceptible to irresponsible behavior like risky sexual behavior, binge drinking among others (Stahlman et al 62). It improves their perception that it is illegal to handle alcohol at a lower age. At 21 a person is more sensitive and has an improved decision-making capability and so one can choose to drink or not to drink.
In military camps there is some extent of discipline demanded to get some improvement like job enrichment. This based on factors like when a soldier at a lower level or rank is seeking promotion. One must be at the top in discipline and self-respect. Most of the younger soldiers are at the lower level, thereby intend to seek job promotion. If the drinking age is lowered most of them can be badly influenced and can get involved into irresponsible drinking behavior. This makes it impossible to get job promotions among other privileges. The health condition of a soldier is considered before job promotion. Alcohol affects one’s health and so it will be major challenge.
There is a strong evidence supporting the lowering of the drinking age to 18 for the military. A study has found that there is improvement in military morale and self-esteem. Many nations have agreed with this fact and it is currently being implemented in those nations. Drinking age above 18 is also considered based on various facts but still the facts supporting drop of this age to 18 overweighs them.

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