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dropping sinking age to 18 for military

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Dropping Drinking Age to 18 for Military
Drinking age is the right age when one is expected to start drinking. This age is put in place by the law that governs every citizen in a nation. In most cases the military drinking age is 21yrs like in the United States of America (U.S.A). The legal drinking age for the military should be dropped to 18. The law has various issues concerning when and where alcohol can be consumed. There is a minimum age for consumption and purchase of alcohol. These laws govern how the military go about drinking. One is requited into the military at a minimum age of 18 years but is viewed to be young or unable to handle alcohol. One has to wait until the age of 21 to start taking alcohol in the military camp. This law is viewed wrong or non-applicable in the military. The military drinking age should be dropped because of various factors like the belief in maturity of a person requited in military at an age of 18.
In the past those in active duty were free to consume alcohol especially in the military regardless of the legal drinking age. This scenario occurred in many nations especially U.S.A. The military was then free to take alcohol at an age of 18. These because they were always on the check by commanders assigned hence there could be no harm or irregularity faced from there alcohol consumption. This event mainly occurred when there was celebration by the military units like …

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