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drinking and driving

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drinking and driving

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Drinking and Driving
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Drunk driving continues to rank among the most pervasive and damaging social problems in America (Arnett 1990). This is true despite the efforts of different groups, like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), that educate the people about the dangers of the same. The effects of driving under the influence on the driver and his or her family members as well as other road users are clear. However, cases of the same persist. It is imperative that the government and other concerned stakeholders come up with better measures aimed at dealing with this problem. Society can achieve this only after uncovering the real reasons why people still drive under the influence, then formulate the initiatives to deal with the same. The real reasons why drunk driving is still an issue in the current day is the ‘don’t-care attitude’, psychological problems, and lack of knowledge that one is drunk.
Some people will never change despite the knowledge in the public domain about how dangerous drunk driving is to a nation. Such people continue to drive under the influence with no regard about the law. They are not afraid of being confronted by traffic police because the sanctions for drunk driving are very lenient. The best solution for the ‘don’t care’ attitude is that the legislature should come up with stricter laws against drunk drivers. Since drunk driving is a state-level offense, the seriousness of the punishment depends o…

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