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Drawing on concepts and theories from this module’s readings critically discuss the following statement:health promotors have the expert knowledge and their role is to empower others

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Health Promoters have the Expert Knowledge, and their Role is to empower others
Health promotion is critical today in addressing health problems. There is a universal acceptance that health is affected by factors within and outside the health system such as social economic, demographic, social and cultural factors, political and economic changes among others. As such, health issues are addressed adequately by adopting a holistic strategy that involves empowerment of communities and individuals to take action concerning their health (Fertman and Allensworth 2016). Other activities may include fostering public health leadership, creating sustainable health systems and promoting intersectoral engagement to develop sound policies in all sectors. Health promotion efforts involving actions at individual and community levels helps encourage people to adopt health-enhancing behaviors that minimize health-compromising behaviors. Health promotion and empowerment can be viewed as lenses through which professional practices gain value. They may also be perceived as vehicles that neutralize social conflict within social institutions. Hence, social change is seen as a product of an empowered relationship between clients and professionals. Health promoters are equipped with the knowledge to increase awareness among groups, individuals and institutions and to …

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