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donald trump

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donald trump

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Level: High School

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Donald Trump
Despite his antics, it seems that Donald Trump, contrary to popular news and belief, is actually climbing up the polls. A recent NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll put Donald Trump at 21 percent, up two points since July. The news outlets have been releasing varied reports of Trump’s poll numbers, some having him up, and other having him down. Regardless of his position, Republican leaders and other conservative leaders are now beginning to take him more seriously, confronting him on personal and moral grounds, and there are many instances.
He has, among other things, attacks prisoners of war for being captured. He has demonized millions of citizens, wrecking the image of the party and the country with immigrant communities it has courted for long. When he said that Mexico only sends people with problems and not its best, it was not a political statement but one borne on pure racism, and meant to play on the fear of American citizens (Macais).
Texas Governor Rick Perry asked whether Trump had any decency, saying Trumpism was cancer to the GOP. Rupert Murdoch tweeted asking when Trump would stop embarrassing friends and the country (Sarlin). The statement about Mexicans is one example, but is the testament to Trump’s way of thinking. He has totalitarian control over politics, and believes he has nothing to lose in politics. His attacks on NBC after they severed ties with him indicate the fact that he could run as an independent. He …

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