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Domestic Violence Against Women

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Domestic Violence Against Women

Category: Book Report

Subcategory: Theology

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Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic violence against women directed by their close associates (Former or current boyfriends/spouses) is a global epidemic in which its existence has a profound emotional, financial, physical and social effects on children, women, the family and the society at large. Recognition of domestic violence against women has been factored on the critical need to combat domestic violence as it is a violation of women’s human rights (Harne et al, 2008). Some people perceive domestic violence as a form of torture, as the effects of it are devastating both physical and psychological. It is important for the whole world to indulge in advocacy programs, reforms that are legal, comprehensive strategy and education to help in fighting such a global epidemic. Domestic violence is a threatening and abusive behavior that is characterized by patters of emotional, physical, sexual and economic violence (Rasmussen, 2015). Coercion, isolation and intimidation are part of the characteristic aspects that go in line with domestic violence. Domestic violence against women is portrayed through social demographic, educational psychologist, role of men on faith and storytelling (Green, 2015). Nevertheless, women suffer more all over the word due to social demographic factors that are unequally dominated by the masculine gender.
Social demographic
Domestic violence against women as noted earlier is a worldwide epidemic. It is a serious and heinous human right abuse …

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