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Does Gun Control reduce Crime?

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Does Gun Control reduce Crime?

Category: Literature Review

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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Does Gun Control Reduce Crime?
Homicide is rated as the second leading cause of death for the young people whereby most murders are reported to be committed with hand guns. It is important to reduce gun violence for the sake of families and children since they are the most affected. In the United States most of the youths between the ages of 10 and 19 years old die as a result of homicide especially the black males of this age. However, gun control is a mechanism that is implemented to reduce circulation of guns in society since it is perceived that a high ownership of guns in a state increases the crime rate. In addition, the issue of gun control has been argued over time now whereby lobbies has taken sides on this matter some arguing against while others purporting this matter. Arguably, gun control does not deter crime.
Evidently, gun control mechanism if imposed it will only reduce “gun murders” but it will not reduce murders in general nor other crimes such as stealing or mugging. However, even if the mechanism is implemented during a particular given time, the rate of murder will not decrease whatsoever. On contrary, handguns have been commonly used to commit crimes and murders and when their circulation increase in a given state, criminals acquire them easily and eventually use them to commit crimes. On the other hand, guns are not the reason criminals commit crime, even after the ban of guns; crimes shall continue being committed as usual. The reason gun control mechanism will not work to reduce crime is the great correlation of poverty and crime. Logically, from the point view, gun is not the main problem of causing violent crime but the problem is the culture in the society. Gun control cannot regulate the access of guns since there are materials to manufacture guns that are readily available and unregulated at the home depot. Therefore, it is not convincing enough to argue that guns are the cause for violent crime hence it will be inappropriate to blame it since it has absolutely no correlation to crime that normally involves murder and violence.
According to my point of view, the only solution to regulate crime rate in a state is changing the whole society instead of using legislation with a mentally of controlling gun circulation within a state. Arguably, we live in a society where some people have developed evil minds and has adapted a lifestyle that push them to engage in criminal activities such as robbery with violence so that they can get money to sustain their lifestyle. In short, there is a cultural problem within the society that has led to increased crime rate. For instance, education is also linked to violent crime in manner suggesting that those young people who never get education are likely to engage themselves in criminal activities due to losing hope in life. Most of them have a perception that for a person to earn a living he/she must have good education that will enable him or her to get employment in a good job. Drug abuse is another factor that has led to increasing in violent crimes and it is evident that the unlikeable habit is expensive thus leading most youth in committing robbery with violence so that they can get money to purchase these drugs.
On the other hand, preventing gun violence that occurs every day is a hard task; it is not something that can happen in one day. However, controlling gun violence from criminals would require setting some rules to stop it. It is identified that a criminal may get a gun in two ways that are: buying it on the black market or stealing it therefore for each way there need to be a mechanism to stop it which is merely impossible. Stopping gun trafficking is harder since the criminals would have some loopholes to access guns and use them to commit crimes. However, it will be too little, too late to enact the mechanism of gun control since a lot of hand guns are in circulation and therefore a rule should be set to disarm all people who have ownership of guns whether legally or not. On contrary, there is a law that protects the right of people to bear and keep arms hence it is arguably unconstitutional to implement gun control mechanism that in real sense does not reduce violent crime. For instance, the ban of handguns, importation and forceful closure of manufacturing industries will have a significant impact in reduction of crime because the consequence will be emergence of black market.
In conclusion, gun control is not significant in reducing crime because of the culture practiced in society. However, gun violence is not the only crime besides there are many other criminal activities that do not involve gun violence such as mugging and raping. Alternatively, legislative laws like life imprisonment of people who shall commit crime by gun violence will be better in reducing crime than gun control.

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