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Does Columbus deserve a holiday or not.

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Does Columbus deserve a holiday or not.

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Level: High School

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Columbus Does Not Merit a National Holiday
Although the poll reveals that most of the U.S. citizens believe that Columbus deserves a holiday, one would similarly argue that Columbus Day is unnecessary because Columbus enslaved and killed several Native Americans during his time. Students are always taught to believe the myth about Christopher Columbus that he was the man who discovered America and was the first explorer to land on its shores (Wineburg et al. 52). Revelations of truth about the discovery America, however, suggest that Columbus is hardly an individual worth celebrating. The fact is that even before the marked arrival of Columbus in America, there were people (Native Americans), who were already living in the region (Desai 182). Columbus’ primary aim in his voyage was to find trade routes to Indies. So, the whole story of American discovery is just a myth.
Furthermore, there is no concrete reason to celebrate the person who subjected America to European colonization. Schlereth notes that between 1492 and 1502, Columbus made over four expeditions to the Americas, enabling the Europeans to explore and colonize the Americas effectively (Schlereth 942). In Schlereth’s perspective, this ultimately prompted the onset of the Columbian Exchange. The misery that followed the European colonization of Americas further drives away the desire to celebrate the Columbus Day. The land grabbing, diseases, deaths, enslavement, and the …

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