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do schools kill creativity? by Ken Robinson and what high school is by Theodore R. Sizer

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do schools kill creativity? by Ken Robinson and what high school is by Theodore R. Sizer

Category: Scholarship Essay

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Level: College

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Education System Kills Self-realization
To meet the needs of industries in the era industrial revolution, schools came up to educate individuals on the requirement of the industries (Robinson 11:02). The things taught were relevant to equip individuals with the knowledge needed for the operations of the machines used. Since then, education has been regarded as a key to success and is taught in schools. The schools set their goals that students are required to achieve in their school life. These goals keep the students on their heels as they struggle to meet the requirements necessary for the completion of their careers. Additionally, the society has valued schooling, and every parent wants their children to join the best schools across the world to get an education. The school structure is the same for all schools, where some units or rather courses are valued more than others. The value attached to a given course depends on the possibility of getting a job upon graduation, and this is viewed as a measure of success. Therefore, according to the society, the key goal of education is to get a job after completion. In their writings, Robinson and Sizer concede that education system discourages self-realization and kills creativity. These facts contradict the goals of the schools.
Across the world, there are distinct, but related structures of education systems. These structures have certain things in common like; unique school routine, cu…

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