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Do animals have the ability to communicate and express emotions as humans do?Explain your point of view and provide supporting examples from any readings and videos from this module

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Animal’s Communication and Emotional Abilities
The animal’s ability to communicate to human beings has been proven through various interactions with animals. People have interacted with apes, chimpanzees, dogs, cats, dingoes, and even elephants. The observations made from the interaction with animals is that they can communicate to human beings and express emotions. The primary mode of communication for animals is through sign language, as well as facial and behavioral expressions. An animal may refrain from activities as an expression of their dislike of the current situation or unfavorable conditions that have been induced. Animals can express their emotions due to sadness emanating from the surrounding circumstances. Different researchers have provided their observations on different animals and shown that their ability to understand sign language and communicate back. Therefore, it can be asserted that animals possess the ability to communicate and express emotions the way human beings do.
Animals have been found to understand sign language as they communicate with human beings. At the Gorilla Foundation in the United States, a gorilla named Koko was found to understand American Sign Language. The researchers at the institution reported that Koko was able to understand one thousand signs of communication which he used to communicate to them. In an encounter with Robin Williams in 2001, Koko the gorilla was…

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