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diversity in work place

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diversity in work place

Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Human Resources

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Diversity in the Workplace
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According to this article, the authors emphasize on say that the world’s rapid increase in globalization and how it needs interaction between individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs than it was earlier on. People have changed from the notion of living and working in an insular marketplace; they have become a part of the global economy with high competition rates coming from almost every corner of the world. Due to this reason, the non-profit and profit organizations need diversity for them to be creative and embrace the panels of change. The most important thing nowadays for most organizations is maximizing and capitalizing on the workplace diversity for better management.
The article further gives the best meaning of diversity which is the acknowledging, accepting, valuing, understanding and celebrating the differences among individuals in relation to age, ethnicity, class, gender, sex, spiritual ability, public administration, race and both physical and mental ability (Esty, et al., 1995). Diversity problems are now taken as significant and projected to be even more significant in days to come. It is due to the rising disparity in the U.S population. Companies need focusing on diverse working conditions and looking for means to become inclusive companies as diversity can yield more outcomes and competitive strategies.
He continues saying that demographic changes will oblige …

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