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Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Words: 275

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Question one
The article tries to analyze ‘the role of power motivation in creativity’. This is achieved with ‘a moderated mediation approach’. The research involved the creation of the hypothesis that power inspiration would affect workers creative capacity. The research involved the conceptualization of a ‘moderated mediation model’ whereby power inspiration enhanced individual inventiveness through enhancing the superiority of ‘leader member exchange’. It was also proposed that the supervisor sustenance for creativeness would regulate the indirect consequence of power inspiration on creativeness that was mainly facilitated by the LMX. From a sample constituting mainly of Chinese employees in a number of corporations, it was discovered that power inspiration had a positive relationship with creativity. In addition, it was concluded that this positive correlation was facilitated by the leader-member exchange.
I think this research and its conclusion is effective in explaining the role of power motivation in creativity. This is because, for creativity to thrive, motivation must be present and should be supported by supervision of employees.
Works Cited
Chen, Ziguang, Wing Lam, and Jian An Zhong. “Leader-member exchange and member performance: a new look at individual-level negative feedback-seeking behavior and team-level empowerment climate.” Journal of Applied Psychology92.1 (2007): 202.

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