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Discussions 8 Questions HSM450

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Discussions 8 Questions HSM450

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: Academic

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Community Development PMG 460
As a student, I have always anticipated getting an opportunity to engage my mind with matters and theories concerning sociology to enable me interpret various concepts. This course is wide, and it is through this that I hoped to get the relevant exposure so as to enhance my knowledge in this field. Being a thinker, I have always hoped to sharpen my skills throughout the coursework. Instead of focusing just on the coursework material, I have always desired to explore additional sources so as to diversify my knowledge.
I enrolled to Colorado State University due to the exemplary skills that it exposes one to. Colorado State University offers their students with a different experience. I hope to gain a lot from this course. I desire to be able to comprehensively interpret the various theories taught in this course. Further, I hope to get experience that will enable me handle issues around the course. Learning this course will propel me to get adequate experience to handle issues in the job market. Further, attending this course will enable me open my mind and encourage me to have an analytical perspective in trying to deal with many other subjects.
The following factors influence social interaction;
Power dynamics- People tend to act based on the power trends around them. Individuals often interact differently when an aspect of power is introduced in the setting. The level of authority between di…

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