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Discussion – Stress from A to Z

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Discussion – Stress from A to Z

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 550

M4 Discussion
Institutional Affiliation
Part A
The stress theories proposed by Richard Lazarus and Hans Selye are both relevant. Selye’s stress model relies on psychobiology and physiology as “General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS).” The model posits that an occurrence that threatens the well-being of an organism causes three-stage body reactions. These response stages are an alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Each of these stages plays an important role in the overall outcome. Lazarus, on the other hand, believes that stress involves two processes, (Ganster& Perrewé 2011). The environment first produces stressors followed by the response of the individual exposed to these stressors. Lazarus’ conception contributed to the cognitive appraisal theory.
Close analysis of the two theories reveals that Lazarus’ approach is more accurate. Lazarus theory attempted to make a framework that evaluates how people cope up with stressful situations. His model states that stressful events result from the transaction between an individual and the environment. That is to say, if demand surpasses resources, stress is likely to occur. This model concentrates on the casual psychological factors of importance and underlines the individualism of the responses, (Folkman, 2013). Thus allowing for variation in peoples responses to stress. This explains why the same stressors trigger different responses in humans which is practical.
Part B
The nervous system consisting of the brain and…

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