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Discussion Questions in Criminal Justice

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Discussion Questions in Criminal Justice

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

Level: Academic

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Discussion questions in criminal justice

Module 1
In the United States the main problem faced by the criminal justice system is race and ethnicity. In the case of Juanita she is a cross breed of Puerto Rican and African American. This puts her at a spotlight of race and ethnicity where the criminal justice description that applies to both races directly affects her treatment by the system. The justice system in some states may favour her while other justice systems in other states may not be so lenient with her.
There have been protests by people of different races and ethnicity in America. This is because of the unfair treatment that that offenders and innocent civilians go through just because they are of a different race or ethnic group. These protests are often conducted by the minority groups that are racially and ethnically segregated.The police tend to favour the whites over the African American. Muslims also face racial segregation where police officers and American’s deem them as terrorists. This leads them to be deported from America even under the slightest suspicion of being a terrorist. They are also denied entry into American soil when they fail to pass a background check done by the police(Cole, 2000).
TheFerguson case also led to protests by African American’s of unfair treatment and killing of Clarence Bradley who was convicted of murder and rape in an unfair trial. The police even before starting to look for evidence that could link Bradley to the crime…

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