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Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions
Discussion Questions
Differences between the Military and Education Domain
The purpose of BCP and DRP is to minimize or completely eradicate the impact of interruptions of essential processes and to restore the processes in the least time possible (Cervone, 2017). The military and education domain have a diverse way of approaching BCP and DRP due to the level of importance of their system to national security. There are two significant differences between the military and education. First, the systems in the military have portable units which are an excellent choice for zones that do not have recovery facilities and are crucial to the military’s processes. The education domain does not have portable units but utilizes cloud computing in their BCP and DRP since the sector does not limit an organization to their own technologies. Also, the military has continuity of operations plans (COOP) which is quite similar to the business continuity plan. The COOPs concentrates on making sure that vital services are delegated in case of a disaster (Cervone, 2017). The education sector functions similarly to other businesses whereby they use a BCP and not the COOPs.
A Large-Scale Cyberattack in the Military and Education Domain
Given the sensitivity of the data in the military sector, a large-scale cyber attack would likely necessitate drastic measures to ensure the security of a nation whereas in the education domain data recovery would be …

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