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discussion board

Category: Book/movie review

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Discussion Board
There are different academic writings some which are difficult to comprehend by the students. In the case of the difficult piece of writing, one needs to develop techniques that will help to comprehend such texts. In my case, I adopt the following techniques to help me comprehend the difficult piece of writing. First, before I start actual reading of the text, I do previewing where I look at the piece of writing. Previewing helps in getting to know what the writing is all about and the content of what I will be reading. Through previewing, I get to know the structure of the text and how it is organized as well as trying to bring the background knowledge about the topic I will be reading about. The other technique I use is outlining and summarizing where I identify the main ideas, write them down and restate them in my own words. The strategy is very helpful especially when it comes to an understanding the structure and the content of the piece of writing as well as distinguishing main ideas from the supporting ones. Also when reading the difficult piece of writing, I tend to compare and contrast the piece am reading with other readings that are related to it. The reason behind this is because I understand authors write about same issues or address same questions, so by comparing I get to understand why the author approached the writing differently from the other authors.
The chapter suggests other useful techniques for und…

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