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Discussion Board

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Social Work

Level: College

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Discussion Board
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Discussion Board
During each semester, our tutors often split us into teams to work together on class assignments. Working collaboratively towards the realization of the same goal was a great experience. I realized that teamwork requires a lot of work and sacrifices from each member. The essential aspects of open communication, clear group roles, and vision are rudimentary. We usually differed when making specific decisions as group members expressed different opinions regarding certain issues. Our group leader ensured that we worked effectively as a team by challenging us to get to know each other, an inevitable step in establishing an operational crew. We got to understand each other’s values, strengths, goals, and beliefs. It was more comfortable for us to define group goals and work together after getting to know each other.
We recognized the fact that the success of the project relied on the contributions of every member of the team. The group leader ensured that everyone played an active part in group activities by first encouraging ownership. By making sure that all participants felt a sense of ownership in the success or failure of the project, she urged members to work harder and contribute more (Katz & Miller, 2013). Moreover, she ensured that everyone had an equal chance of participating in the group by balancing the naturally assertive and quiet members.
Despite having worked coll…

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