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Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Education

Level: University

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EDUC 580 Discussion Board
Why Tamika’s Approach was successful
The case study describes the situation of a regional public high school. The principal of this school was being pressured by the district superintendent to improve the performance of his students on the state assessments. The principal was well aware that he could not develop an approach to this issue all by himself. He assigned the Math and English departments with data analysis and distribution to other teachers.
Tamika, who was the chair of the English department, used an approach that involved meeting the members of her department twice a month. She provided each of the teachers with the initial data and asked that they organize it in a manner that was sensible to them. She also required that the teachers collect more formative assessment data to monitor the student’s progress. Based on the data that the teachers collected, they modified the instructional practices so as to target the standards the students were not achieving (Northouse & Lee 45). Other teachers from the other department took a different approach.
Tamika’s approach succeeded since she had already created a good relationship with members of her department. She gave them direction on what was expected of them and gave them the initial data that they were needed to understand in their own way. She also ensured that her approach had a sense of direction and analysis by having to meet twic…

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