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Discussion 8 questions

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Discussion 8 questions

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Academic

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Discussion Questions
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From a personal experience, Theory X is a great management style since the managers believe that the other employees at the company require some mode of motivation to work best (Nolan & Johnson, 2011). The manager believes that workers lack ambition and morale requires him or her to introduce some incentives in order to make the human service at the company to increase their level of productivity (Zeiger, 2013). This was a great success at the company since most workers were willing to work for extra hours and finish the job in the time since they were guaranteed a bonus on every extra time they remained in the office to work on a given task. However, the manager employed an authoritarian leadership style to assign the duties and any person chosen to work on a task could not contest on that directive (Helm, 2012). However, this method was successful in the company since most of the employees were always in need of some extra money to manage their livelihoods back at their respective homes (Kanter, 2009)
Every Company seeks to have an organizational culture that is client focused since this model puts the customer needs first during the presentation of solutions and provision of support services. All employees within the company work behind the scene to ensure that the customer gets quality products and promptly (What makes managing a non-profit different? 2013). In this case, excellence in customer serv…

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