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Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Communication

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Week 2 Discussion
Institutional Affiliation
Week 2 Discussion
In the presentation by Charles Fleischer, I find his sense of humor most interesting. Throughout the presentation, I cannot avoid laughing at the way he either pronounces the words or connects them to other fun ideas. His sense of humor makes the presentation lively for the audience. Watching the audience, one notices how Charles has established a connection with the people. Using humor during presentations makes a speaker appear more human and consequently more likeable (Martin & Ford, 2018). This is observable in Charles’s presentation as his sense of humor serves to put the audience at ease and make them more receptive to the ideas he is presenting.
His sense of humor also serves to energize the audience and keeps them engaged. This is the case for not only the audience in the presentation but also for people watching the video. While watching the video of this presentation, Charles’ sense of humor kept me energized and engaged in the video despite the words on some of the slides he is reading not making sense. Lastly, a presenter’s sense of humor offers an emotional relief to the audience (Lieberman, Neuendorf, Denny, Skalski & Wang, 2009). When you watch his presentation, the chances are high that you will laugh throughout the presentation.
In his presentation, Charles makes two major connections between geometry and the universe amidst humorous remarks about the people who first made…

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