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Category: Argumentative Essay

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Level: College

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Week 2 Discussion
Institutional Affiliation

Week 2 Discussion
The American economy has been growing significantly under the reign of President Trump which has made the stock market hit a record high. The results have enabled many Americans to secure and build wealth through government initiatives such as tax reduction and reforms (Economy and Jobs, 2018). The Intercontinental Exchange operates, builds, and advances global markets through technology, information, and expertise. In 2000, Intercontinental Exchange noted a need for electronic trading that enhances accessibility and transparency to the global markets (Life at Intercontinental Exchange, 2018). NYSE is a competitively priced sector that provides unique features such as electronic Designated Market Makers (e-DMMs). E-DMMs offers a quote for various listed companies while the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) providing a fully electronic price system (NYSE America, 2018). Examples of companies that have initial public offering (IPOs) include Bionano Genomics Inc, Tenzing Acquisition Corp, Sutro Biopharma Inc among others (Initial Public Offerings (IPOS), 2018).
Examples of small companies at NSE by share volume include RigNet Inc 34023, Replimune Group Inc 42899, and Atlantic American Corporation 6,686 (Nasdaq- Most Active Stocks, 2018). PayPal Holdings Inc Share quotes trades at 92.77. Its market data reveals a significant increase by 0.44% of its market price per share. PayPal has a 3,415,644 shares vo…

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