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Discuss the Nicene question as it evolved from scripture to theology to creed

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Discuss the Nicene question as it evolved from scripture to theology to creed

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Relation between the Father and the Son
The Nicene Creed was developed in 352 A.D by the Council of Nicene. The council defended the truth and the true God against the non-believers of Christ and legitimized the religion of Christianity in the Roman Empire. This led to raising of fundamental questions throughout the world about the nature and relationship of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The Council dealt with one question that regarded the relationship between the Father and the Son. They in-depth and critically addressed the question in response to Arius teachings.
Arius being a well-known priest in Egypt taught that the Son is inferior to the Father. He stated that there was a period when the Son was not existing, and thus he was created by the Father. Arius believed the Father was the order of Creator and the Son was the order of the creature. He did not disbelieve the divinity of the Son although he believed that the Son was inferior, a lesser God than the Father. Arius taught that despite the Son was divine, it was not by nature but as a reward from the Father. These biblical perspectives enabled Arius to gain followers causing the development of the aspect Arianism that became a political and religious challenge to the Church.
The theologians heavily disagreed with these teachings and strongly attempted to respond to the Nicene questions. Faithful Christians such as Athanasius continued to strongly defend th…

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