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Discuss the economics effects of raising the minimum wage on a specific sector

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Pros and cons of reforming healthcare in the United States
The debate on healthcare reforms in the United States exposed the various possibilities of introducing radical changes to the national health sector. Both critics and proponents were equally concerned about the changes that would likely emerge due to the said reforms. Opponents of the transformation thought that it would seriously gut Medicare. On the other hand, proponents believed that it would take root and strengthen with time. Interestingly, a poll conducted by media houses on the day of the reform indicated that over fifty percent of citizens were confused on the extent of the benefits against the expected challenges. One would then pose the question, do the merits of this reform beat the demerits? This paper has sought to explore the pros and cons of introducing a national health reform in the United States. Further, this paper has examined the factual evidence for and against the implementation of the reforms.
Efficiency is the key benefit of establishing a national reform in the health sector. Already, the reform is providing an environment that is conducive for streamlining hospital systems such as costing. A perfect example of this is highlighted by the program in the Shelton family of hospitals. The new program that provides for a nurse call center significantly reduced emergency trips by an incredible twelve percent. New models of healthcare have been realized with the…

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