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Discuss the different types of validity

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Discuss the different types of validity

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Types of validity

Types of validity
Validity is a research concept that evaluates how much the results of a study can be trusted to be true and without influence from extraneous factors that could invalidate the results. The first type of validity is external validity that is concerned with how much the results can be generalized to the rest of the population, measurement variable, treatment variable, and setting. It is evaluated through checking the strength of the experimental design and can be presented as either ecological that is concerned with environmental factors or population validity that looks at the correlation between the sample and the rest of the population of interest. The second type of validity is internal validity that determines if the postulated cause and effect holds true or if an alternative relationship could exist. If there is no alternative cause to explain the results and observations, then the research passes the internal validity test, but if an alternative cause exists to explain the results, then the research fails the internal validity test unless the alternative cause is controlled (Druckman et al., 2011, p. 27).
The third type of validity is test validity that acts as an indicator of the value of the results and can be presented as criterion, content and construct validity. Criterion validity assesses the specific tests that were applied in the research regarding prediction and concurrence. Content validity evaluate…

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