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Discuss how the filmmaker contributed to the development of cinematic language.

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Birth of a Nation (1915)
The cinematic language has developed over time. There are very many filmmakers who are credited with developing the language used today in making films. In evaluating how the filmmakers impacted to the advancement of the language used in cinemas, this essay will make references to the Birth of a Nation directed by D.W Griffith that was produced during the year 1915. The article will tackle the tackle the shots, as well as the angles that were taken when producing the film. It will also show how Griffith used these techniques to ensure that he brings out the emotional content as well as the impacts of the scenes in the film.
The plot of this film rotates around two families that are living on opposite sides of the Mason-Dixon. They become friends when their sons attend the same school. The Stonemans who are living in the Northern part are in Washington DC. They also own a rural gateway found in Pennsylvania. The Stoneman is the head of his family. The southern family is known as Camerons. They own a plantation in South Carolina. In their plantation farm, some slaves pick cotton as they dance to their master (Willan, 643).
The Birth of a Nation is one of the films that were very instrumental in changing the language of cinema. It should also be known that did not invent each and every technique that was used in the film. He just advanced on them. The films that he directed were quite good in usi…

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