Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family.

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Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family.

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My Life Story
I have always been a shy girl for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, I only spoke when I was called out to speak. During class presentations, anxiety and panic always took control of me as I listened carefully to hear my name. Though, as a norm of such lessons, everyone would do at least one presentation, this was always a breaking point on my side. I was a kind of a person who could only respond to questions and keep numb. This fact complicated my urge to make friends. Even though I did very well in academics, loneliness was all over me. I remained invisible, blending in-between the background. Being shy, I was always burning from inside as no one noticed me. Such kind of a personality was both physiological and psychological tormenting. I always felt lonely, yet surrounded by people. Over the years, my desire was to be able to blend well with my peers.
Realizing that I was not growing any young; physically, physiologically and academically, I started my journey for a change. My dream was to build my confidence, increase my self-esteem and be courageous. Upon completing high school, I went back to my drawing board and analyzed the best strategies for addressing my weaknesses. There came a chance, where youths had a rowing (crew) competition, and I was among the team. Rowing is all about teamwork efforts. But I did find myself too timid to inquire about anything. Unfortunately, this did not take long, and in a little while I found myself interacting with other peers. I realized my consciousness suddenly opened for communication, coordination and interaction with acquaintances. This first gesture was quite motivating as I noted the personality change. Subsequently, my participation improved, and in the mid of the season I got several awards. The coach placed me in the fastest boat with the top eight rowers. At long run I felt relieved, I conquered my shyness.
During summer, I went to volunteer in the US Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital. My expectations were to reach to those who need substantial healthcare. Joining the hospital, my desire was to interact with the needy, empathize with them, put a smile on their face and encourage them. I was assigned to the pharmacy section. I found a reason to emotionally support the veterans as most of them were dying in despair. I would wear a warm smile as I added the medicines to them and wished them quick recovery. As they said thank you and left, I felt the special gifts within me unfolding; yet they have been buried in shyness cocoon for years. I felt valued, accepted and of self-worth. I was no longer the same I was a self-confident person who could touch the hearts of others and bring life to the brokenhearted.
Shyness no longer controls my motives. During summer, I applied for summer jobs and got an interview call from Kumon, a center for tutoring elementary and middle school students. I did a lot of preparations, thanks to my family members who stood behind me during this time. On the interview day, tension filled me partially as I waited to be shown in. When I was called to enter the interview room, I was a bit nervous. But calmness and hope counteracted this feeling as I found myself answering the entire questionnaire with much strength and enthusiasm. After the exercise, I left the room full of conviction that I had passed the interview. This feeling gave another milestone to my self-confidence.
In conclusion, I am not a talkative character and spending time alone helps me reenergize my spirit. However, I am no longer the timid person I was in high school. Self-confident is what I am and can conquer all barriers towards success in whatever I do. Bravo! That people can see the real person in me.


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