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Category: Research Proposal

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

The week 4 discussion
The paper entails discussion of two issues. The first review is on the question as to whether band name slant needs elimination as a trademark in the magazine by L. Frank Baum. The second issues are on New York Times editorial by John Kay on “rise in crime.”
In his March 3rd, 2014, magazine “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” L. Frank Baum raised a discussion on whether band name slant needs elimination as a trademark. According to him, the Trademark security under Lanham Act violated against free speech has diminished due to the sarcastic term for the personality of Asian origin (“No Unread Replies. No Replies. – Google Search”). The utilization of band’s title “The Slants” is registered to Grant as well as the Trademark Office. Additionally, L. Frank Baum, states that the Lanham Act restricts the trademark description as well as the deceptively misdescriptive of assets. The reason behind the restriction is to avoid confusion that may result in massive mistakes.
The slant trademark is considered to be more of profits each hence the government has no control of it (“No Unread Replies. No Replies. – Google Search”). Though the Lanham Law ban the name or trademark, the first amendment is made to prevent disparagement as well as discrimination. The changes avoid the slant trademark from breaking the private speech limitation basing on religious differences as well as ethnicity basis.
Recent editorial summary
In his Oct…

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