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discipline of anthropology

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discipline of anthropology

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The Essence of Anthropology
Since evolution, man has made some major leaps from the primitive man to the tech-dependent generation man is today. The study of how man has evolved over the years is Anthropology. The study helps evaluate and appreciate the progress man has made since the Stone Age. Anthropology covers the difference in culture, the human society, the physical differences, and the linguistic achievement of man. Anthropology is important because it helps students improve the knowledge base on the different cultures thus widens students’ perspectives.
Anthropology covers various issues that are subject to discussion in the global society. Some of the topics such as religion, refugees, and globalizations are among the major issues affecting today’s society. This means that the study of Anthropology will help a student get a better perspective of the issue and form an informed opinion. Terrorism is a global menace in today’s society, and the number of radicalized youth is increasing at an alarming rate. There is a need to study Anthropology to understand how such issues arise. Knowing the root of the problem will help formulate long-term solutions in the future. Global interconnectivity is linking different cultures together; it is important to sensitize the society to prevent a crash of cultures.
Anthropology fosters the development of general skills that many not only be used in daily interactions but also providing an income generating activity. Anthropology is an essential subject in today’s society where globalization has necessitated the interaction of different cultures. It is imperative that people study Anthropology to understand the different cultures. Understanding different people will facilitate communication and prevent conflict within the society.
Different cultures have different beliefs, some cultures in Africa believe in female genital mutilation as a way of life. Anthropology will help deal with such issues in a multicultural society. It is at times difficult and considered neo-colonialism or interfering with culture when foreigners condemn the practice. The best approach is to try to educate the African locals through anthropology to help eradicate such inhumane practices.
Anthropology has given information about man since evolution in different locations. This makes the subject have a wide range of available information that is interesting to a student. It satisfies curiosity regarding different cultures and societies that are fascinating. It also builds interest to understand the origin of one’s self; this helps a student understand himself better.

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