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Disbaled Veterans treated as equals in the Federal Government

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Disbaled Veterans treated as equals in the Federal Government

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The effects of war have impacted the lives of the men and women who participate in these wars leading to disabilities that range from loss of limbs to loss of the sense of hearing or sight. The disabled veterans are expected to be treated equally by the federal government (Hamowy, 2007). There has been the establishment of laws that guard the reputation of these veterans as some of them are considered to have been at the forefront in protecting the lives of the citizens and these led to their disabilities. An example of such a law would include the Americans with Disabilities Act that was amended in 2008 and eventually became law in 2009.(Norden,1994) In this regard, it is therefore important that these individuals be treated as equals in the federal government. Equal treatment can be realized through various ways for instance; the law provides that there shall exist no discrimination whatsoever regarding promotions at work, hiring of staff or even during the training of staff. The federal government ensures the protection of these veterans by advocating for similar rights where the employers are not expected to protect their disabled employees from any disability based injustices that may be meted on these veterans at work (Samet and Catherine, 2008)
The protection offered to these veterans is also realized where the law provides that employees who are disabled should be entitled to proper accommodation and conditions of work which should enable them perform their duties. This also includes the need to ensure that the disabled enjoy equal access to the employer premises. This has seen the building of ramps where the wheel chairs move (Claitors, 2012)
The protection that the federal government accords the disabled can be seen in the number of entities that are registered under law to fight for the rights of the disabled. These bodies are captured under the penal code of the constitution where one is liable for punishment should he or she be found guilty of having gone against them (Stanford, 2014) There are also specific elements of the constitution that are created specifically to protect the disabled. Among such recognized clauses include the Veterans Employment Opportunity Act of 1998 (Samet and Catherine, 2008). This Act determines issues to do with the relationship between the disabled veteran and a potential employer. For instance, this Act outlines the kind of questions that an employer is allowed within the law to ask an employee before employment (Norden, 1994) The Act makes provisions under which a veteran would come to enjoy the protection of the same laws. The chief condition is that the veteran must have taken three or more years in active duty and also that the veteran must have been released honorably from duties (Norden, 1994)
The employment agencies are always expected to announce and give provisions for the disabled in their advertisements for vacancies (Hamowy, 2007). The federal government ensures that the fundamental rights of these veterans are not abused. In protecting these veterans, the federal government embraced provisions that members of the public are expected to adhere to. There are stipulations that are aimed at guiding the disabled veterans as well (Samet and Catherine, 2008). For example, each disabled veteran is expected to provide evidence that he or she is disabled. The proof could be in terms of medical reports done by registered medical practitioners. The main reason for having such stringent measures is to ensure that physically able individuals do not take advantage and pose as disabled just for purposes of employment (Hamowy 53)
These laws also ensure that individuals are put on level ground where nobody is alienated from employment just because they are disabled. The war veterans are considered as heroes and the stipulations which are put in place are also meant to boost their esteem and break down barriers to their blending into the society considering the nature of their work experience (Norden,1994)
In addition, most federal governments also have encouraged stipulations that ensure that a given number of employment opportunities in the government are left specifically for the war veterans. This is normally viewed as a sign of appreciation that the governments extend to the war veterans. These employment opportunities within the government are protected by the law (Hamowy, 2007)
The federal governments always keep records of the veterans who are still able to carry out given tasks. This is important as the veterans get listed under specific bodies and organizations that are used as avenues to champion for their rights. (Samet and Catherine, 2008) These bodies are tasked in making collective bargains on behalf of the members. The federal government thus manages to protect the veteran.
The federal government ensures that the veterans are given equal opportunities for employment and service just as any ordinary physically able individuals. The focus is on taking attention away from the disability and also reminding the veterans that in the long run, human beings are all equal. There may be argument on the seeming upper hand that the disabled veterans are given but it should be noted that it is a way of leveling the competition field so that all people have equal chances of success or failure (Claitors, 2012)
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