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Disbaled Veterans treated as equals in the Federal Government

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The effects of war have impacted the lives of the men and women who participate in these wars leading to disabilities that range from loss of limbs to loss of the sense of hearing or sight. The disabled veterans are expected to be treated equally by the federal government (Hamowy, 2007). There has been the establishment of laws that guard the reputation of these veterans as some of them are considered to have been at the forefront in protecting the lives of the citizens and these led to their disabilities. An example of such a law would include the Americans with Disabilities Act that was amended in 2008 and eventually became law in 2009.(Norden,1994) In this regard, it is therefore important that these individuals be treated as equals in the federal government. Equal treatment can be realized through various ways for instance; the law provides that there shall exist no discrimination whatsoever regarding promotions at work, hiring of staff or even during the training of staff. The federal government ensures the protection of these veterans by advocating for similar rights where the employers are not expected to protect their disabled employees from any disability based injustices that may be meted on these veterans at work (Samet and Catherine, 2008)
The protection offered to these veterans is also realized where the law provides that employees who are disabled should be entitled to proper accommodation and condition…

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