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Disaster in the West
1. Definition of Yersinia Pestis and its forms
Yersinia pestis refers to a bacterium, highly common among human beings and animals. The bacteria are pole bent coccobacillus, and Gram-negative. Scientists classify the bacteria among the facultative anaerobic bacterium, a common group of bacteria. A Swiss scientist discovered the bacteria during an epidemic in Hong Kong. The bacterium occurs in three distinct forms; bubonic, pneumonic and septicemic. The bacterium has caused massive deaths during three separate periods in some parts of the world. The bacterium causing disease is still common in the world. However, medicines available today can treat and cure the bacterium infections. Contrastingly, some of the non-human mammals face threats from the bacterium.
2. A. The Jacquerie
The Jacquerie occurred in 1358 and began after the King of Navarre was released from prison. The nation began to experience strange happenings within some of the towns. Wicked men gathered around the Beauvais region and agreed to kill all noblemen because the men felt that the nobles and wealthy had betrayed the society. The wicked undertook the evil acts in Marne situated in Valois, Beauvais in Brie and Lyonnais in the fief of Coucy and areas surrounding the Soissons. The men initially gathered and set off to destroy, maim and kill a knight that lived nearby. The wicked men killed the knight, the knight’s childre…


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