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Digital Overconsumption: The Effects of Modern Technology

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Digital Overconsumption: The Effects of Modern Technology
As with any technological advancement in the society, overconsumption of modern technology has tremendously immersed individuals on a path of changed social behavior. An example is the recent landmark report by Common Sense Media that details the long hours spent by teenagers on entertainment media. The findings from the study suggest that teenagers between the ages of thirteen and eighteen spend at least nine hours daily on entertainment media while those between eight and twelve years spend an average of six hours daily (Common Sense 1). More alarming is the fact that these hours do not include the time used in media for homework or school-related activities.
The report is characteristic of the growing concern by parents, the education sector, and heath stakeholders regarding the negative impact of modern technology on their children and the society. Further, the advent of iPads, laptops, and smartphones have provided teenagers various platforms to gratify their insatiable need for entertainment, ranging from social media, mobile gaming, and online videos. The traditional forms of entertainment, such as listening to music and watching TV, are also enjoyed most often. Even though modern technology has astronomical benefits to both teenagers and individuals’ personal and professional lives, its overconsumption has dire effects that cut across the health, professional…

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