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digital communication and consumption/copyright/property

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digital communication and consumption/copyright/property

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Copyright is a restricted legal protective right, which is a preserve of the creator of an unprecedented creation. It confers authors with motivation in their quest for creating and spreading original expression, by rendering rights to their property. On the social side, it invites subsequent authors as well as audiences to put into use the original owners’ work transformatively without infringing on his exclusive rights. The balance between private ownership and public access is proving dicey, since digital communication if fuelling spreading of the latter. The instability posed by digital technology is stark and has featured in public discourse as to the role of copyrights in this digital age. Variation between NIEP and democratic paradigm approaches to copyright and its relevance to read-only, and read-write culture.
Netanel (1996) talks about the NIEP (new institutional economic property) theory approach to copyright and the democratic paradigm. Explain the difference between these in your own words. 
There are emerging scholarships that are shaping opinion on the debate raging over the scope copyright is supposed to cover. NIEP (new institutional economic property) theory approach towards copyright considers copyright a tangible property despite it being an intellectual property. The theory suggests actions that wo…

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