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Different IT questions

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Different IT questions

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: IT Technology

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 1650

1. Explain how the designers of the product went wrong in designing the instant soup containers
The design of a product can is one of the contributing factors of ensuring the safety of the product when being used by a customer. How a product is designed ensures that customers using the product cannot be harmed in any way when using it. The design of instant soup cups was wrong from the initial design. Having round bases and being tall and narrow and lightweight lowers the center of gravity that renders the container unstable. The containers have the inappropriate height and base ratio. The best way to combat any risk occurring is to redesign the cups and implementing a broad base and using a shorter height. Using the specifications will reduce the burns on children and parents from noodle soup.
2. Differentiating crowdsourcing and users studies
Crowdsourcing is simply the act of obtaining needed ideas, services, or content based on the contributions of a vast number of people that are from a community rather than from the suppliers or employees. On the other hand, user studies refer to a research study that focuses on the use of information that is derived from the end users of a particular product or system. User studies entail extended channels of getting information that are networks. Networks are further categorized into academic, social and workplace networks. Systems that provide information are also included in the user studies. The syst…

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