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Differences and similarities between the Antebellum North and South

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Differences and similarities between the Antebellum North and South

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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Differences and similarities between the Antebellum North and South.
The pre-civil war period was characterized by the existence of class, class conflict, ideological politics, land speculation and industrial and economic development. This saw the United States divided into two nations, the North and the South. The Northern Antebellum was mainly industrialized whereas the Southern Antebellum was mainly driven by agriculture. Scholars are yet to agree on whether the North and the South were entirely distinctive or a case of just a few similarities and dissimilarities, but the debate can be easily centered on the economic, socio-cultural and political factors.
The North and South began to diverge early in the seventeenth century, when agriculture was being commercialized and radical slavery being formalized. By the time the civil war was approaching the North and South were showing distinctive features. On the eve of the civil war, the North population was estimated to be more by 50 percent to that of the South. The Northern population was largely white, with blacks accounting for less than one percent of the population. In contrast, the South had a large black population, accounting for one-third of the Southern population, mostly working in plantations. Both the North the South primary practiced farming but the Northern Antebellum was extensively industrialized with railroads and manufacturers. This led to urban areas developing rapidly in the North unlike in the South.

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