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Did you have a period of non-enrollment or a period not accounted for in this application, from grade 9 to present? If yes, explain the gap(s) in your educational history:

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Every Korean man is tasked with the compulsory responsibility of serving in the military. My personal experience has been both thrilling and worthwhile, particularly, the period between 2012 and August 2014. However, part of my time in the military tossed me into a world of uncertainty over my future and long term goals. It is through this uncertainty that I decide to engage my mind in diverse ideas.
Fortunately, while in the military, I was lucky to represent Korea in a joint mission with U.S forces. My inspiration to learn English and foreign culture was majorly drawn from this experience. Importantly, a few friends I met during the mission encouraged me to enroll in the American education system.
The two years that I spent away from school serving my country was worth the time. I am proud to have offered duty to one of the fundamental units in the security of my nation. Moreover, this experience enabled me to have bigger dreams about my education and long-term career goals.

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