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development of the institution of the knight over the course of the medieval period

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development of the institution of the knight over the course of the medieval period

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The medieval knight has a long, convoluted history of being one of the crucial entities in ancient kingdoms. The role of the nights developed gradually over the centuries during the middle ages. Some of the earliest Knights were used as messengers in the ancient kingdoms of Greece and Rome. In the middle ages, the institution of the knighthood began to see significant transformations. The 11th century came to shape the entire function of the knights. Early knights were mostly foot soldiers who used skills and rudimentary weapons with which they had access. Then, the role of the Knights grew slowly into what was seen as the 18th-century knight. Displaying combat skills while riding on a horse back become one of the crucial skills of knighthood. This was greatly appreciated due to the due advantage it offered in the battlefield.
The pre-Carolingian age saw the reign of the Ordo Equestris, a knighthood class from which European knights were probably inspired. In the medieval period, otherwise described as the Carolingian age, any skilled and well-equipped horseman would be considered a knight. The Latin version was miles. However, gaining knighthood was an uphill task for a beginner. There were several stages that one had to pass to be awarded the rank of knighthood. The reign of Charlemagne that spanned part of the 8th century saw the first Knights thrive. As the Carolingian age advanced, the attack was majorly dominated by the F…

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