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Develop talent identification model (TID) for athletic sports

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Develop talent identification model (TID) for athletic sports

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Develop Talent Identification Model
Recently, South Asian nations, most notably India, have introduced a model based on the Australian Sports Search/ Talent Search programme, which measures adolescents on certain anthropometrical, physiological and performance tasks. Within Afghanistan, the model, ‘Sports Interactive’, was employed as both a tool to increase participation levels across a range of sports, and as a talent detection tool. The primary objective of this paper is to analyse critically current TID sports models in South Asian countries and develop talent identification model (TID) for athletic sports.
Generic Models
Successful participation in sport requires an array of different movements. While many of these movements are specific to different sports, others are common to a range of activities, such as catching. These typical movements are called fundamental motor abilities.
Recently, a TID model has been developed and piloted in South Asian countries that emphasises the importance of athletes developing mature levels of fundamental motor abilities if they are to become involved and maintain involvement in sport (Mattone & Xavier, 2013). Innovatively, this model has ensured that children are provided with appropriate learning experiences prior to the selection of any potential talent.
The model provides all children in year 3 and 4 in primary school, between the age of seven and nine, with the opportunity to attend a g…

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