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Designing Healthy Communities

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Designing Healthy Communities

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Biology

Level: College

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Words: 275

Planning for cities and public spaces should promote public health concerns as a fundamental factor in designing healthy communities. It is justified that community plans are vital to integrating designs that promote control of growth and ensuring healthy construction. Plans should also ensure community building. Designs should promote the interaction of the community members and cultures. Celebrations, for instance, promote family ties and social interactions among members of a community. Conservation-sensitive communities are important to enhance sustainability. A conservation-sensitive plan enables community members to interact with the natural environment. Design of streets, paths and walkways that promote exercise are particularly important to promoting the sustainable lives. It enhances the need to exercise by the residents of the community (Jackson, 2013). Designs should promote activities such as cycling and walking.

Furthermore, energy efficiency is a fundamental factor to attaining a great space designed to promote sustainable environments and conservation of ecosystems. Open space planning is fundamental to promoting sustainable environments that enhance interaction with the environment. People can sit in the sun and enjoy great space around them. It also promotes the social lives of individuals in the community. Agricultural farms master plans are equally important to promote green environments in sustainable environments.

Designers should integrate the concerns…

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