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Descriptions Paper

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Descriptions Paper

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Composition

Level: Academic

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Description Essay

Caffé Reggio offers a great experience to customers. One gets welcomed with an exciting smell of coffee that is blended with that of baked cakes. The smell freely circulates in the café due to the fact that the coffee bar is located just at the left side of the café. The first thing that meets the eye of the customer is the beautifully arranged bars of chocolate and cakes in a sort of glass cabinet at the entrance. The variety of cake is itself worth noting. One gets to salivate just at the site of the freshly baked exotic cakes sold in this restaurant. The attendants seek to enhance this experience. Vintage portraits of art scattered in the walls allows people to revisit their past in seeking recollection with history. The chronology of the events depicted in the pieces of art offer to arouse nostalgic feelings in any individual with a thing for artwork.
Despite offering exciting customer experience, Caffé Reggio fails to capture the selected needs of the diverse nature of customers. Located at the heart of New York City, it is expected that the clients are derived from diverse social and linguistic backgrounds (Caffe Reggio, 2015). The language used in this café is mostly English. The menus in the coffee shop fail to use other languages something that makes it difficult for a foreigner to seek the services. Further, due to the popularity of this joint, the place is often crowded making it difficult to get a spot and enjoy co…

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