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describe your neighborhood to a visitor who knows nothing about it. include as much specific detail as you can

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Kearny New Jersey
The Township of Kearny New Jersey is rich of history, scenic views, and a homely populous. The history of the township helped in molding the current trends within the township. This essay provides insight into the key defining elements of the township. Some of these elements include the town’s history. The essay also provides an in depth description of my neighborhood. Herein are details of developmental projects, politics, and social issues within the township. Kearny New Jersey is one of those towns that make one proud to be American. The town has it challenges. However, the consistent push to improve the lives of its residents, as well as those of its visitors, makes it an enjoyable abode.
The history of Kearny shows that the town was originally established in the year 1867 (Hornsby, Michael, and Sawchuck 47). This was during the colonial era. Since this year, the town has been through the colonial roots, the industrial revolution, and modern developments. At the beginning of the colonial era, Kearney was not a township. The township status was achieved in the 19th century. This saw the election of its first officials. It also saw the naming of the town in the honor of Major General Phil Kearny. He was the owner of a mansion that was in the township. This led to the development of the township as it is known today. The first chairperson was also elected in this period….

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