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Describe how you plan to pursue your academic interests at USC. Please feel free to address your first- and second-choice major selections

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Communication and Public Relations
Everyone has academic goals to achieve and interests to pursue. For most people, one of the top of the list goals is to pursue an education in the institutions of higher learning including universities and colleges. I am also not left out in the same, and I purpose to pursue my degree at the University of Sothern California where my first major will be communication and the second will be Public Relations. My reason for choosing The University of Southern California is because it is one of the highly ranked institutions of higher learning and is well equipped with both the human resource and the technical equipment that is needed for learning purpose.
Communication will be my first major. I have an excellent interpersonal and social skills, and I believe this will be a boost for me in this major. To increase my expertise in the field, I purpose to equip myself with basic communication skills and engage in different fields such as print, visual communication, broadcast, and advertising. After that, I will focus on two major areas that are, criticisms and media ethics. I will also participate in various internship activities in these fields.
As I am a self-composed and confident individual and I believe that I can excel in this field. I purpose to focus on various areas such as creating campaigns, writing press releases, managing various events and learning how to engage the public succe…

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