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Describe domination vs. subordination between blacks and whites in the modern society

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Describe domination vs. subordination between blacks and whites in the modern society

Category: Lab Report

Subcategory: Sociology

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Domination vs. subordination between blacks and whites in the modern society
Subordination is a term used to describe a position of a lower level that an individual occupies with the other. On the other hand, domination means to be over the other individual and assuming a superiority complex. The subordinate ones exist and thrive at the mercies of the dormant. Those who are subordinated have no options but to except for the ones by the dominant group. The subordinate are suppressed and mistreated most of the time. Dominants believe they are the superior ones in the association and that the subordinate provide inferior alternatives hence should be controlled to maintain order in the society.
Subordination and domination, are situations that are created by human beings. For this context, we will focus on the two concepts based on whites and blacks relationships. The situation can be induced by the numbers of a given group (majority/minority).With access to resources like wealth and opportunities, education a group becomes empowered and hence dominant. Whites have always dominated in most cases as opposed to blacks. Whites have always outnumbered the blacks, and this have always been their source of power for dominance. The whites have been in the top leadership position, and this have given them authority to structure the system in their favor. Since blacks have been downtrodden, they have psychologically accepted that their worth is lower as compared to that of the whites. With time, the blacks have realized that given same condition and opportunity as a white person, they can become the best or perform equally to a white. This belief have caused resistance and challenging the white ideas that have gained the blacks power over time.
Currently, blacks and whites are dominating and subordinating each other fairly on equal fronts. For instance, in the entertainment industry the blacks are the dominant and present world-class products, the same case applies to the whites. Decades ago, only a white person was allowed on a white’s stage, and this has ended with the erosion of racial discrimination. All people are now considered to have inherently equal universal human rights. Currently, blacks are competing on economic fronts as whites, and this have reduced the dominance of the whites. Whites are still the largest in numbers, but some humanitarian groups led by independent thinking whites recognizes and pushes for equality for all raced. The current American president is a black, and this is a clear indication that although blacks are not the dominance they have attained a level of equality with whites. Whites are still the richest as compared to blacks, and this means they still have economic dominance. Whites still the most in the leadership class and so push for more legislations in favor of whites, although there are checks to ensure equality.
In conclusion, the modern world dominance and subordination, can be controlled. Each white or black has a chance has to take personal initiative to change their level since an opportunity has been given to all impartially. Dominance and subordination will never end since there has to be one on the top and the one who takes the command, those taking the command have narrow or no option. At the workplace, there is subordinate staff who execute an order from the executive staff. But ultimately those dominating keep dominating since their heirs take over after them.

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