Describe a memorable day in your life

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Describe a memorable day in your life

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The Best Day of my Life
I remember when I was seven years old, we had recently moved and I had been feeling quite lonely. Since I had no friends, I asked my parents to get me a pet. Someone to play with and call a friend. One day, I returned from school, tired and mad because my new classmates were not what I had expected and found a handwritten note from my mom. It said “Go to your room, you have company.” I was shocked; I did not have any friend, why and how would I have company.
I was confused. The writing looked like my mom’s, but what if it was not her? What if this all was a trap and my family got kidnapped? I took a broom from the kitchen and prepared to fight the assailants. My heart raced and pounded so hard I felt it was going to give away my position to the kidnappers. I was scared, believe me. Slowly, I started going up the stairs, thinking about calling 911 just to no sure. However, my parents had warned me against prank-calling 911 and I did not want to get into trouble.
Finally, I got to the top floor. I went to my parents room and noticed nobody was there. I started to panic again. What if this was a trap. I clutched the broomstick and prepared to make my last stand. I checked the bathroom, but nobody was there. I took a deep breath and decided to enter the room, regardless what might happen. I just had to trust, but to me, it was hard to believe.
My heart pounded harder than ever. I turned the knob sand open the door. Suddenly, out of nowhere a furry thing pounced on me. I could neither see it nor defend myself. Before I knew, I was on the floor getting licked by a puppy dog. My parents looked at me, sitting on my bed and laughing. I was both ashamed and surprised. “They had gotten me a dog!” I thought. Now I could have someone to play with, someone to walk, and someone to talk to. I did not doubt I was going to make friends at school, but it was great to have someone waiting for you at home.
The truth is I did make friends at school, and I had a great time with them, but I would never forget my first friend. After all these years, we are still together, and he still waits for me to return from school. He has gotten old, though, and we cannot do the same things we used to, but I guess that is life, you know. I am no longer a lonely kid, but I will always picture the day my parents got me a dog as one of the most important days in my life.
People fail to understand the importance of pets, and the impact they can make in their lives. I know my experience is not meant to fit everybody, but if I had a saying, I would advise people on finding a pet, and taking care of it. Sometimes, the best way to start taking an interest in yourself is by paying attention to another being. I realized that by taking care of my dog, I learned to understand myself and like me the way I was.

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