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Depression and intelligence of African American: Only child vs. siblings

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Depression and intelligence of African American: Only child vs. siblings

Category: Research Proposal

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 20

Words: 5500

Depression and Intelligence of African American child
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Depression and Intelligence of African American Child
The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the woes and accomplishments of a single child as compared to African American children who have siblings, in the context of depression and intelligence. This article specifically leans on kids from the African American race. This paper examines how depression and the level of intelligence from the perspective of a single child and other siblings. The dissertation scrutinizes why only children are more vulnerable to depression and more intelligent than siblings raised together. Analysis of the success of both parties is, therefore, vital by collecting data from archives, journals, and published reports. This desertion uses data that was collected and analyzed by two renowned psychologists, Stewart, and Eckstein with the help of their fellow psychologists. The two were after solving the mystery of how birth order affects our personality. This article, therefore, challenges the argument that depression may affect one’s personality and destiny. However, research shows that although one may be raised as the only child, this is not a limitation to success. This proves that a kid may be depressed but may prosper and become more successful as compared to an African American child who was raised with other siblings.
The chief objective of this study is to exa…

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