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Response to Questions
Question One
There are different practical issues that emanate during product evaluation. This is the final phase of a design folder, and often requires care and attentiveness. During the evaluation, individuals need to make a description of all the aspects that pertain to the product and other facets that are deemed successful. Failures are also recorded during this stage for purposes of doing improvements to the designed product. Improvements on the project are only indicated for purposes of future products that might be produced under similar circumstances.
Product evaluation is essential as it assists individuals to review and look back at all the stages that were followed during production. Such a review helps in making comments on the final product and its performance. Areas that were not well covered can also be enumerated for changes and improvements in future. Specific measurements can be recorded during the evaluation period, and they include the purpose for the product, tools used, tasks completed and many others.

Question Two
Human behavior is associated with all actions and emotions of humans. Human beings have a different set of behavior that makes them unique. It is vital to note that there are certain behaviors that change with the age of individuals, while other traits of temperament and personality might be consistent. Through feelings and thoughts, human beings can also change their behavior although this often lasts for shorter periods.
It is vital to note that it is possible to study behavior from a human being without having the power to influence those behaviors. This is because human behavior is often experienced through an individual’s lifetime on earth. People act differently, and this can be attributed to faith, culture, genetics and social norms. Therefore changing such behaviors is difficult because they are embedded inside the individual. An example is when somebody wants to change an adult from going to church daily and more-so when such behavior has been implanted in the individual in question.
Question Three
Countries often have IRBs to check on their research work, and this one applies when human participants are involved. Institutions that conduct research involving human participants are required to have an IRB for purposes of making policies that govern the provision of such research work. Countries that do not have IRBs should have an exempt status that clearly indicates that they work without the consent of an IRB. Under the exempt status, the countries should indicate that their researchers are not exempt from their ethical obligations which are enumerated in every constitution. Following the codes of ethics in the institution or country will be a guided way to direct research work that does not have an IRB in place. Data collected from such research work will be reliable and valid because they will be required to follow the codes of ethics or governing rules in the country.
Question Four
Milgram did his experiments during in a period when ethical guidelines were missing. Protection of the subjects in the experiments was seldom available. The researcher, similar to others made their judgments on the ethical problems that were posed by their research. Milgram on his part had a problem of deception as he lied to his subjects that they were putting more pain on their subjects purposely. This made different teachers to think that they had inflicted a lot of pain to the learners due to the distress caused.
The other deception by the researcher was that he lied to all the participants that he was studying the effects of punishment. However, the researcher was trying to measure obedience levels among his subjects. One ethical issue from the research by Milgram was the idea of deception. This could be solved by informing the participants the true nature of the research to avoid further damage to the subjects.
Question Five
Establishing new standards will be effective to ensure success for future projects in the organization. Control standards will ensure targets against future projects in the organization. The aspects of management that should be considered include behavior, quantity, time cost and quality. The organization will require to knowing their targets and also consider the different tolerances for those listed targets. Timing will also be appropriate to ensure that different products and services are provided in the right time to the clients.
The company will need to develop different standards that will enable them know their position and future preferences. The standards to be established will be those for profitability, productivity, market position, employee attitude, product leadership and personnel development. The standards will work because they are the only strategies that are available for managers when desiring better strategic planning processes.
Question Six
It is vital to first note that project management involves controlling various resources, motivating employees, organizing, planning for purposes of achieving various project objectives. Projects are temporal and not permanent like business operations hence the need to ensure that the goals of all the projects are enumerated and understood by all the stakeholders. The need to maintain original constrains, authority challenges and cost overruns is important because of their semi-permanent nature when doing different projects.
They are strategies and facets that are always observed in the process of initiating and completing different projects with ease. Management strategies are always needed when running different projects and such sources can enable planners to develop good projects. The importance of such provisions often stem from the fact that they enable the use of the budgeted funds without incurring other increased costs. They are critical to control because of their nature and probability of ensuring success or failure of a particular project.
Question Seven
The numerous odd characters in the server are crucial as the enable effective management of the web server. This is because it is usually important to receive feedback concerning all the activities and performance of the server including other problems that may arise. They provide flexible and complete capabilities of logging. The software errors are critical as they can lead to software vulnerability. They can be found easily by the users and also exploited without any problem. The only problem is that they can make attackers become aware of the state of the software and end up stealing data leading to ineffectiveness of the software.
Question Eight
It is usually takes very little time for hackers to hack into different database, and this time is often not enough for administrators to realize the entry of such attackers. This has made most people and organizations to discover late that their data is already compromised. One can realize that an attack is imminent when they log into the system and get information or data they did not request. The system is also able to provide information to the user that the system has been attacked. The step to recover from such an attack involves blocking the database and looking for possible loopholes. The next step is to rectify by creating a firewall and using the backup system for updates. Prevention of such attacks can be through the use of database security like sniffers.